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At Texas Green Turf we offer a variety of services that help give you what you need to enjoy your yard to its fullest. Not only do we offer pest control and irrigation services beyond our lawn, tree & shrub services, we also provide specialty lawn services specific to the needs of our clients. Read on to learn about all of our additional services and how we can help you get the best possible yard. We know that making your yard beautiful and having the up keep hassle free is what you deserve.

Pest Control

The field of pest control continues to rapidly evolve towards a heavier focus on preventive measures. Texas Green Turf is keeping abreast of the advancements and concentrating on perimeter pest control. Insects consist of approximately 90 percent of the pests that invade the home. Using only the most proven of chemicals, we create an invisible barrier around your home and property to keep away these bugs. Our products are effective, and non-hazardous to your health once they have dried. The most popular option for perimeter pest control is our quarterly program. This regimen will ensure that these invaders are kept out year-round.
In addition to using these preventive products, we also do extractions if necessary. We are qualified to perform both inside and outside pest control. We can deal with mice and even larger urban wildlife such as a raccoon in the attic, should the need arise.

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance


Having an irrigation system carries many advantages. The most obvious is the time you save watering by hose, or with portable sprinklers. A well set irrigation system also saves water, with a far more efficient spray that makes the most use by volume. This means you will save money over the long haul after paying the initial cost of installation.

Because irrigation systems will make your lawn far less likely to be over or under watered, your grass will also be healthier and greener. Texas Green Turf has successfully installed countless irrigation systems during our successful business venture. This process involves digging six to ten inch trenches. So we take care to execute careful planning and cost estimation before we start doing any work. The majority of our products are from Hunter, a well-established leader in irrigation equipment. They guarantee their products the same way we guarantee our work. Our maintenance work does not consist of a regular program, but is done on an as needed basis.

Sod Webworm Preventative

This is a relatively new service offered by our company. It is another application that focuses on prevention of the infestation of sod webworms. These pests are the larvae of several species of moths. They feed on the blades of the turf at night, and hide during the day. That is why they are often unseen by homeowners until they cause damage. Our preventive action is important in stopping damage before it starts, as the sod webworms have become more prominent in recent years.

Mosquito Control

One of the most notorious lawn pests is not one that likes to feed on your grass or plants. They use your property as their home while waiting to take a bite out of you or your family. We are speaking of none other than the mosquito. This service is a growing part of the overall business of Texas Green Turf. More customers are coming to us for this service because of our diligence and reliability.

Mosquitoes do not spend all their time flying. During the day, they prefer to rest in shaded areas. For this service, we use a blower with a spray attachment that emits a fine mist. It will thoroughly but finely coat your plants, as well as other preferred resting areas such as fencing and decks.

Mosquitoes also reproduce in standing water. We will drop a cake-like product that easily disperses in water into any birdbaths or other water based landscape features. Our mosquito applications last approximately one month. We can do one-time applications, as well as come out on a monthly basis.

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