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An Honest Price Evaluation


Unlike your lawn, the trees and shrubs in your landscape will consist of several different species. Naturally, some will require different and more involved care than others. So our pricing will be more dependent on the types of flora in your landscape, and the area involved. This is also why we will prefer to come out to your property to do this evaluation. This way we can be sure to give you the most accurate and honest assessment for our tree and shrub care program.

Trees and shrubs can be an expensive investment. The price of our maintenance and health program will be well worth not having to purchase new plants to replace ones killed by diseases or malnourishment. Texas Green Turf will protect your plant life without destroying your budget in the process. You will get top of the line service for a price that will not break your wallet.

Frequent Year-Round Care

Like our lawn care program, our tree and shrub care regimen consists of eight steps. Your plants will receive our inspection and attention on a frequent basis. There will be approximately 6 weeks in between each visit. This way, we can best ensure that any problems will be caught and taken care of before they get to the point where they are a threat to the life of the plant.
Our thorough eight-step program aims to bring your flora optimal nutrition and prevent them from natural threats, using measures such as

    • Soil modification
    • Fertilization
    • Insecticide and fungicide products
    • Dormant oils

Our fertilizers are heavily fortified with both macro and micronutrients. We choose from a variety that are specific to the types and species of your plants. Our continuous education and research helps us tailor our service to the needs of your individual property.

Skilled, Trained Technicians

At Texas Green Turf, we do not want to send anyone that is less than completely qualified to look after your plants. Tree and shrub care preparation demands more involved training than lawn care, and we see to it that our employees are fully prepared. We have state certified employees who are also put through our personal training regimen.
Their adept skill is not their only exceptional attribute. You will also find them approachable and eager to answer any questions you may have about your plants, and our work.

Our Products

In order to provide the best work, you can’t use products that are merely satisfactory. At Texas Green Turf, our chemicals have been chosen through careful research. They have been proven to be the best of performers in their field.

Though our traditional products are relatively nonhazardous, we understand that some people have preferences towards a more natural approach. So we also offer alternative and organic products upon request of the customer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Texas Green Turf has been a leader in tree and shrub care in the Houston area for more than two decades. This is because we place a high priority on customer service. In the event that you see a problem with your lawn in between our application visits, we offer free service calls. Our technicians will fix any occurring problems at no extra charge.

There simply is no reason not to entrust us with the care of your valuable landscape plant life. Our people, products, and diligence are unsurpassed in this region. We would be happy to provide you with more information. Contact us either by phone or by email to arrange for a free evaluation of your property.

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